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Welcome to 2012 Ends

Be THANKFUL you found us. 2012 Ends just might save your LIFE. We are located in an undisclosed bunker complex we can only refer to as The 2012 Institute. Our mission is to bring you the most up to date information about the news and events leading up to December 21, 2012. Here at the 2012 Institute we scour the planet on a daily basis by tapping into news feeds and hacking data streams to bring you the information you will not find anywhere else. We also depend heavily on your comments and news reports so please sign up and let us know your thoughts, we will plug all comments into our biohumaromoter machine so we can process all the data and the real time news leading up to December 21th 2012.

As December 2012 gets closer more and more people will realize that a major world changing event is upon us.

At this point the Governments are not too concerned about the truth getting out. They know that it can hardly be heard above the noise that is all the misinformation and lies that they are helping to spread.

As the evidence grows and people start to realize 2012 is for REAL, Governments will try to close down websites like this that give people the TRUTH.


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